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Decca Industries is a family owned and operated business which was established in 2000.  My family and I had travelled to the Peace Country for a number of years and believed Grande Prairie and area had huge potential for growth, the new gateway to the North.  My background included fabrication and working with trucks and I noticed there may be a niche in Grande Prairie that we could help fill.  We opened our business in an 800 sq. ft. shop outside of town and began by supplying and installing truck decks.  Our philosophy was simple and it hasn’t changed.  If a customer needs something, source it or build it, give them no reason to have to leave the area, and more importantly, offer them local warranty service.  We recognized that truck owners frequently required warranty on their rig ups, however because most of these builds were completed in Edmonton the down time to go back to the source was costly.  Often they would do their own repair work and not receive their warranty.  Decca set up cooperative agreements with competitors in Edmonton in order to provide local warranty of their work.

Repeatedly our needs outgrew the locations we were in which required more than one move.  With each move we aggressively searched out more product lines to represent.  There was no job too small as every customer is valued, appreciated and considered a driving force in our success.  In 2007 there were signs the economy was softening, but it was clear that our business was well established and we had a solid customer base.  It was now time to bring all of our products and services to a home location.  We ventured into a building project near Clairmont.  In the fall of 2008 our team of dedicated professionals moved into the new home of Decca Industries, a full drive through shop located on 6 acres of highway frontage.

Our business philosophy is simple: to provide quality services and products to local customers.  Our #1 goal is not to be the biggest – we want to be the best and provide the best to our customers.  We now have product lines that serve industries from the oilfield, mining, municipal, provincial, railroad, forestry, and agriculture.  Decca is a truck rig up shop but is also developing a growing parts department; this includes hydraulic components along with hydraulic system design.  Our services have expanded to offer complete design and build, and 3rd party engineer certification.  Not only do we build crane rig ups, we can test them to verify they comply with CSA and OEM standards.  Providing these services locally enables customers to be hands on with truck design and ultimately getting exactly what they wanted.  We hope to inspire customer confidence, endeavour to provide quality products and stand behind our work.

Our outlook is long term; we intend to be around for the long run.  As a locally owned and operated company we attribute our growth to the opportunities provided by local businesses that choose to buy local.  Grande Prairie and area has been kind to Decca and our staff.  We are very grateful for the opportunities that we have been given.  We have a great team of people who are dedicated to satisfying our customers.  Our name is on products as far away as Russia and we don’t take this for granted.

Our management team consists of many people who started in the shop; we believe in building from within, bringing on new people and enabling them to move up as the company grows.  We began as a one man shop and his part-time, 13 year old son.  My wife managed the office side of things and our daughter helped out however she could.  Our son went on to finish his journeyman welding ticket and is now studying to become an engineer.  We have over 30 employees, including our first mechanic’s son and our original bookkeeper.  We believe that when our staff is happy at work that will foster a good family environment; a strong family will in turn affect the people around them in a positive way.  Our staff and their families are a priority at Decca.

From Decca’s meager beginnings in a small shop located outside the city limits, we have experienced growth every year and have become a company I am proud to lead.

Mike Edgar


  • OUR VISION - To provide high quality equipment to high quality customers
  • OUR VALUES - Integrity, Honesty, Exceptional Service
  • OUR GUIDING PRINCIPALS - Safety, Teamwork, Accountability, Ownership