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 The Spirit Tree

Spirit Tree 2018

Together with Browns Social House and our additional partners Decca Industries is proud to be a part of this worthwhile cause.

We have a beautifully lit, 20ft tall rotating Christmas tree set up right outside browns Socialhouse and we encourage all to visit and support the Grande Prairie Secret Angles.

We will be offering ornaments that are availed to purchase at Browns Socialhouse, where they will be hung on the rotating tree and 100% of the donations received will be going to the Secret Angels.

Pictured here are 5 ornaments, each with their own Dollar value.


Red Star - $10.00 
Green Ornament - $25.00 
Purple Angel – $50.00 
Silver Snowflake - $100.00
Gold Santa in Sleigh - $250.00

For those of you looking to give a little more and support your community, we have a collector’s ornament that will be customized to your name or companies name!.

These can be purchased for $500.00 each and will be given to those of you that purchase them to keep, and hang on your wall.

 custom ornament


We would like to thank all our friends who helped make this event happen. 

Sponsorship Letter

 Sponsorship Letter