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Crane Maintenance Products

 LUBE - A - BOOM ~ Friction Reducing Lubricants

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Perfect Application For:

  • Cranes
  • Forklifts
  • Aerial Lifts
  • Telehandlers
  • Telescoping Booms  
  • Hydraulic Excavators  
  • Pins & Bushings
  • Bearings


Lube-A-Boom reduces friction. It is a specially formulated synthetic lubricant containing TEFLON® particles held in suspension which lasts longer and outperforms conventional petroleum based greases. Lube-A-Boom exceeds most manufacturers’ specifications for petroleum based grease.  Lube-A-Boom is synthetic which makes it an exceptionally pure lubricant since it contains none of the impurities that are inherent in petroleum based lubricants.  TEFLON® provides the lowest coefficient of friction of additives available. TEFLON® particles in Lube-A-Boom fill surface irregularities providing a smoother, flatter surface for wear pad-to-boom contact resulting in a smoother operating boom.

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